We process virtually all elastomer compounds. We have deliberately decided to refrain from itemizing a complete list. Instead, we would like to target those compounds which carry the highest significance for us. Our team looks forward to the assessment of your individual inquiry.
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EPDM qualifies for a wide range of our applications. In the automotive sector this compound is for instance used in cooling systems and air conditioning systems. Good weather resistance also makes this compound eligible for assemblies in exterior areas of any vehicle. This material is even more important for us in the field of drinking water systems. We hold a large number of certifications in that respect. Beyond that, our compounds stand out due to excellent physical and chemical properties, for example in terms of compression set and chloramine resistance.

HNBR is also suited for applications in the automotive sector where it increasingly substitutes NBR. This also applies to parts such as shaft seals and v-rings in large industrial automation and machinery. Our yellow HNBR compounds are specifically designed according to the regulations for gas supply lines and gas appliances. Consequently, we are certified according to EN 549 and EN 682.

FKM, AEM and ACM assume a strong position for us in the field of automotive applications. This group of compounds in alliance with precision geometry is one of our strengths.

NBR is relevant for BodeDynamic when parts have special geometrical requirements. Demanding molded parts and micro o-rings fall into this category as well as sealing profiles and large o-rings manufactured through a process of endless vulcanization without visible joints.

VMQ including LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) complement our compound spectrum. The range of applications is diverse. Automotive is one of the markets but also pharma and food, household appliances and medical technology.