02. Development phase

During the development phase our engineers create a customized sealing solution. Our 3D models are a core element in acceleration towards series-production readiness. They are fundamental to our computer supported simulations which offer valuable early insights into the expected functionality of the seal.

In addition to the simulations we recommend to use samples for preliminary tests. This applies especially to complex molded parts. Such early samples are prototypes manufactured by machining or by 3D printing. Their purpose is to allow a prompt physical evaluation of the sealing solution. Depending upon the complexity it can be reasonable to employ multiple samples before reaching a decision on the final geometry of the seal.

  • Seal development
  • FEM simulation
  • Design FMEA
  • Compound development
  • Laboratory compound prototype
  • Preview samples / rapid prototyping
  • Selection of manufacturing technique
  • Development of the tooling concept
Finite element analysis imageThumbnailAlt Finite element analysis
Finite element analysis

The compound selection falls within the scope of our compound experts. Their reliable expertise is instrumental in the development of new compound recipes for applications for which there is no pre-existing suitable compound. Our compound mills and downstream laboratory scale equipment facilitate parallel quick tests of several alternatives with reasonable effort. The substantial facilities in our compound laboratory guarantee prompt test series with standard test specimens in order to evaluate the physical and chemical attributes regarding sealing function, manufacturability and legal requirements.

To avoid errors and continuation faults early on we already commit to design-FMEA as well as process-FMEA during the development phase.